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Selecting Setups via MIDI

How can I select Setups via MIDI?


To select Setups via MIDI you need to go into the Global mode and set the "LckKbdChan (Local Keyboard Channel) to match the one channel you are wanting to send program changes on.

  1. Press GLOBAL
  2. Using the Chan/Param buttons scroll up the menu list until you find LclKbdChan":


  3. Using the Previous/- and Next/+ buttons, set it to the desired channel - for. ex here we chose channel 12:


  4. Press SETUP to exit the Global mode and enter Setup mode.
  5. To now select any given Setup, send a Program change (value = 0-127) on the channel chosen above in step 3.


Be sure that you are running the latest OS.
Read. pg. 9-6 in the SP4 Musician's Guide for details on using the Local Keyboard Channel.

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