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Ribbons A and B Are Not Working

When I press the Ribbons on the SP76/88/X, nothing happens. What is wrong?


A problem exists because the Stage Piano's own internal sounds do not respond to a number of MIDI controller messages (discussed on pg. 1-2 of the owner's manual).

Ribbon A is assigned by default to Pitch Bend. But the SP itself does NOT respond to pitch bend messages. So you can use the ribbon to send pitch bend to an external synth, but not the SP.

Ribbon B is divided into two parts, upper and lower.

The lower part of Ribbon B is assigned by default to controller #10 (Pan). Again, the SP does not respond to controller #10, so this would have no effect on the SP's own sounds but could be used to control an external device.

The upper part of Ribbon B is assigned by default to controller #1 (Mod Wheel). The SP can respond to controller #1, and some of the preset programs do respond, while others do not. Check out the Rock Organ programs - moving your finger up the ribbon will change the speed of the rotary speaker effect. And in the case of String programs, the ribbon will change the timbre of the strings. In the Piano & Strings and Electric Piano and Strings, the ribbon will control the String volume.

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