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Fine Tune

How can adjust the fine tuning of the SP76/88/X?


To fine tune the SP76/88/X:

  1. Press Play/Edit.

  2. Press Column Select until neither of the Parameter-column LEDs are lit. This is the Global Edit column/menu.

    (note: You will notice that the two zone LEDs above the Edit button will be lit.)

  3. Press the Row Select button to select "Tuning".

  4. Then use the Yes or No buttons, or the numeric Entry Keys plus Enter to change the screen value.

    You can tune the SP76/88/X up or down one semi-tone, in one cent increments. (There are 100 cents per half step.)

  5. Press Play/Edit to exit out of Global mode and return to Play mode.

Note: When you power up each time, the tuning will be set back to 0 cents.

TIP: If desired, the Tune settings can be saved long term such that it is retained across power cycles. See the "Saving Global Parameters " tutorial for details.

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