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How can I transpose the SP76/88/X?


To Transpose the SP76/88/X:

  1. Press Play/Edit.

  2. Press Column Select until the Left Column LED is lit.

  3. Press Row Select until Transpose is selected (LED solid - NOT flashing).

  4. Change the transposition to the desired amount, using the Yes or No buttons, or the numeric entry buttons plus Enter.

    Each number increment/decrement equals one half step. For instance setting the transpose to 2 would give you D when you play a C. Set it to 12 to transpose up an octave. If you want to transpose down instead of up, set the value to a negative number. You can use the +/- button to choose a negative number when using the numeric entry method.

  5. Press Play/Edit to exit out of Edit mode and return to Play mode.

Note the "..." on screen. This tells you things are still in an "edited" state but otherwise you can operate normally from there. If you press Play/Edit once more, you are right back on the Transpose parameter where you can change it again need be. When you power up each time, things are set back to 0 transpose.

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