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Saving Global Parameters

How can I save changes i make to the parameters in the Global menu?


Changes made to the Global menu parameters are not automatically stored across power cycles unless they are specifically stored into memory.

Here's how:

  1. Press Column Select until neither of the Parameter-column LEDs are lit. This is the Global Edit column/menu.

    (note: You will notice that the two zone LEDs above the Edit button will be lit.)

  2. Press the Store button.

  3. The display will ask: "Gbl SA?" (i.e. "Global Save?").

  4. Press Up arrow (Yes) or Store to complete the save; press Down arrow (No) or Cancel to abandon it.

    The display will flicker briefly while the global parameters are stored into the EEPROM memory then will change back to the value of the current Global parameter.

  5. Press Play/Edit to exit out of Global mode and return to Play mode.

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