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Controlling Program Parameters via MIDI on the SP5

On the SP5, what MIDI Continuous Controllers (CC) are used to remotely control the various parameters?


With any programmable external MIDI controller connected to the SP5 MIDI IN (or USB MIDI) you can access the various program parameters to enhance your real-time performance as well as sonic tweaking.

TIP: tweaked programs can be saved to user memory simply by pressing Save, selecting a desired User Bank location, then pressing Save again.

The table below details the parameters and their associated MIDI CC numbers (note KB3 programs offer additional specialized controls).

Kurzweil SP5 Default MIDI CC List

Physical ControllerKB3 ParameterMIDI CC#

PitchWheel Pitch BendPitch Bend
ModWheelDistortion Drive1
Sw buttonRotary Fast/Slow80

Slider 1/ADrawbar 114
Slider 1/BDrawbar 215
Slider 1/CDrawbar 316
Slider 1/DDrawbar 417
Slider 1/E (reverb wet/dry)Drawbar 518
Slider 2/ADrawbar 619
Slider 2/BDrawbar 720
Slider 2/CDrawbar 821
Slider 2/DDrawbar 922
Slider 2/ESwell23
Slider 3/ALeak Level24
Slider 3/B-25
Slider 3/C-26
Slider 3/D (hi freq damp)(hi freq damp)27
Slider 3/E (reverb time)(reverb wet/dry)28

SW Pedal 1 (sustain)Rotary Fast/Slow64
SW Pedal 2 (sostenuto)-66
CC Pedal (expression)Swell Pedal11

-Rotary Brake81
-Chorus/Vibrato On/Off82**
-Chorus/Vibrato Select83
-Chorus/Vibrato Depth85
-Percussion On/Off86
-Percussion Level87
-Percussion Decay88
-Percussion Pitch89
-KeyClick On/Off90


  • ** "Farfisa" and "Doors Vox" programs use cc#29 to enable/disable the Chorus/Vibrato.

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