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How to Organize Program Favorites

How can I organize my favorite Program selections?


There are a few ways to corral ones favorite Programs.

Setting a Category Favorite

Much like car radio station presets, the SP5 lets you set a favorite Program within each Instrument Category. The Program you choose will be the first recalled each time you next press that Category button (be sure KEYPAD is off).

  1. While in Program Mode, select a Category button.
  2. Use the data wheel or the +/- value buttons to select the Program you want as a favorite for that Category.
  3. Press and hold the Category button for a few seconds. You will see the following pop-up message in the display confirming it was set as the Category favorite:
  4. Prog Xpose:0   Ch:1 
    Favorite saved

NOTE: You can only save Programs that belong to the Category. If you try to save a favorite and the Program does not belong to the Category, you will see the following pop up message in the display.
Prog Xpose:0   Ch:1 
Not in this category

Creating a Sequential List of Favorite Programs

(starting in Program mode)

  1. Using whatever selection method you like choose the first Program you wish to copy to the User Program bank.
  2. Press SAVE.
  3. On screen the SP5 will suggest the first empty User location (ID) it finds to save "to" (the range of available User IDs is 1024-1087). "ProgramName" will be the name of the Program you are copying (saving).
  4. Save Prog over: 1/2 
    1024 "ProgramName"

    You can accept the suggestion OR manually type in, or scroll to, any ID # from 1024-1087 you prefer. If you choose to type things in, you need to commit things by pressing ENTER (scrolling on the other hand requires no pressing of Enter).

  5. Press SAVE again to finalize your choice.
  6. Prog Xpose:0   Ch:1 

    Note: the asterisk (*) is an additional visual cue that this is a USER-saved object.

  7. Go back to step 1 and repeat as many times as needed - up to 64 entries max (manual ref. pg. 6-10)

To navigate your favorites later, in Program mode simply press USER (aka the "TUV" button) and this will force the display to ONLY show your saved USER bank contents. From there grab the data wheel or use the +/- buttons to move forwards/backwards through the list. One nice feature here is the system will only show you occupied ID entries. In other words let's say you save a few items that number 1024, 1025, 1027. Notice 1026 is missing. When you scroll this list 1026 is automatically skipped as it is empty.


-Borrowing on the fact that unoccupied User ID's are skipped when scrolling, consider leaving a few blank spaces in between selections in your User list. Inevitably you will need to make changes to this list at some point. By leaving a few purposeful 'blanks' it makes it easier later to insert a few new selections in between existing ones.

-If you ever need to Delete a User Program you can either:
a) just save a new selection to that same ID. The old one will get replaced.
b) alternatively, if you just want to erase the location, select it, press KEYPAD, then press DELETE, then Next/+ (manual ref. pg. 6-12).

-If you ever want to Rename a User Program - select the program in question, press SAVE, then press the Chan/Param UP arrow button. You will see the "Rename Prog" screen where you can then use the alphanumeric keypad entry to type in a new name. Press Save again to commit (manual ref. pg. 6-11).

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