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Unit Inoperable After Attempted OS Update

I tried to update my SP4-8 (or SPS4-8) and following, the unit will not boot and/or operate normally.


Common Causes

We have seen two primary causes for this. Fortunately it should be a simple fix. Some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Not using the correct OS Update Kit.

    Be sure to use the correct OS update to install in your unit. The SP4-8 and SPS4-8, though similar in name and indeed function, use DIFFERENT OS update packages. Using the wrong OS update kit is primary cause behind this issue in cases we have seen so far.

    For reference:
    OS updates for the SP4-8 can be found here
    OS updates for the SPS4-8 can be found here

  2. Not carefully following the included "OS Install Procedure" instructions.

    Be sure to follow the detailed "OS Install Procedure" instruction set included within the corresponding update kit.


The first thing to try is simply re-installing the proper OS following the included "OS Install Procedure" instructions.

If your unit is in such a state where you cannot even enter System Mode (holding SHIFT while powering on - aka the boot loader) then try the following:

  1. Power off
  2. Press + Hold the "Group H" button
  3. Power on
  4. This may permit you into alternate version of the System Mode. At which point you should see something similar to:

    SP4 bootloader vX.XX


    SPS4-8 bootloader vX.XX

    ...pursuant to your model.

  5. If so, then try installing the proper OS update for your model, either SP4-8 or SPS4-8. Continue at Step 5 in the included "OS Install Procedure" instructions.

If still no success, please contact Operational Support.

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