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Select Programs via MIDI

I am using the SP4 with a DAW or external controller and need to understand what combination of MIDI Bank and Program change messages to send to the SP4 to call up the sounds I need.

All references to the "SP4" apply equally to both the SP4-8, SP4-7, SP76II and SPS4-8.

Here is what the SP4 needs to receive when using Bank and Program changes to select programs via MIDI:

  1. by default*, the SP4 uses MIDI Bank message cc#32 (aka Bank LSB) value = 0-127, to send/receive bank info.
    *(BankSelect: 0/32 - as set in the Global menu)

  2. following the Bank message, a standard Program Change is used value= 0-127 to select the desired program from within the designated bank.

The table below shows the MIDI Bank (column 1) and Program Change (column 2) values needed to select any given SP4 Program (column 4) via MIDI. Note all MIDI banks are 128 entries deep:

Values Sent To SP4 SP4 Program Selected
MIDI Bank #
(cc#32 value)
Program Change SP4 Bank ID Range
(screen #)
0 0-63 Bank 1 0-63
0 64-127 Bank 2 64-127
1 0-63 User 128-191


Ex.1: You want program "99 Comp'd Phaser" (from Bank 2) to be called up on ch 1:

From your DAW (or alternate controller), on ch. 1 you send:
MIDI Bank (cc32) = 0
Program Change = 99

Ex. 2:You want to call up a Program you have loaded in User Bank, ID#190, on ch 3:

From your DAW (or alternate controller), on ch. 3 you send:
MIDI Bank (cc32) = 1
Program Change = *62

*Note: 190 - 128 = 62
(i.e. Program #190 is the 62nd program in MIDI Bank 1)

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