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Obtaining More Sounds

I have heard the SP4 can load additional programs. Where can I obtain these?


There are quite a few sources:

Sound Banks:

First know that we have already posted a good amount of free categorized "Sound Bank" selections online - see the link below for you specific model; look under "Free Sound Banks": Each file link description displays what specific programs are included. A link to the loading instructions are also included within each download file.


In addition, on the KSetList (a forum hosted by one of our own engineers) the entire PC3LE library is made available, in a one-program-per-file format, to make it easy to locate whatever individual sounds you may be after.


Also worthy of note, SoundTower (3rd party Desktop Editor developer) offers a full desktop editing software package for the SP4 which will allow you to not only edit things to great degree beyond the native UI also but port in all sorts of PC3 based content much more easily.


Beyond all this too, realize the big deal about the SP4 is that it can load most sounds saved off of a PC3, PC3LE or PC3K (exception no RAM samples), so if you are looking for particular content not immediately available, including custom sounds from other users, you may want to get involved with some of the online communities where lots of sharing as well as commercial opportunities exist. See the list of "User Forum/Resources" listed on our Community page for specific links.
Note: there are specific details in the SP4 V2 Addendum Manual (available at the same model-download links mentioned above), starting on pg.5 discussing the transfer of PC3 objects into the SP4.

Need more info? Check out the following links: