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How can I restore my SP4 to its factory defaults? (Hard Reset)

How can I restore my SP4 to its factory defaults?


All references to the "SP4" apply equally to the SP76II as well.

Caution: Hard resetting will erase all user memory ! Need be, back up any custom programming before proceeding (please see "Saving User Data (BackUp)" for details.

There are two methods for performing a hard reset on an SP4 Series keyboard:

Global Mode Method: (with the SP4 powered up in normal operating modes)

  1. press GLOBAL, then the Chan/Param Down button until you see:

    Hard Reset ?

  2. press Next/+, you'll see:

    Confirm ?

  3. press Next/+ again - you will see:

    Loading... the SP4 reboots and following, will be completely reset.

System Mode Method: (useful if you are unable to perform the Global mode method)

  1. Power the SP4 OFF.
  2. Press/Hold the SHIFT button while you turn the SP4 ON.
  3. Release the SHIFT button once you see the scrolling title screen:

    SP4 bootloader vX.XX

    You will then see:

    Run SP4

  4. Press Chan / Param UP until you see:

    System Reset

  5. Press Next/+ once. The SP4 will display:

    Delete User Objects?

  6. Press Next/+ again. The SP4 will display:


    followed by:

    Reset Complete

  7. power the unit off, and back on again normally.
  8. The unit will then reboot, at which point it will be completely reset back to factory defaults.

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