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Renaming User Programs & Setups

How do I rename a user Program/Setup?


  1. Select the desired Program or Setup to rename.

  2. Press SAVE, you will see something like:

    Save as:64 E Bass

  3. Press Chan/Param button UP (∧) once to access the naming screen:

    PianoBass Setup

    Use the alphanumeric buttons (Group/Sound Select) to enter characters.

    Letters / Numbers Group/Sound Select
    Advance the Cursor Previous / Next
    Change Case Shift or +/-
    Insert Space Space
    Delete Space Delete

    Note: Only letters and numbers are available from the front panel for naming (no punctuation or symbols).

  4. Press SAVE button again and using either the +/- buttons or Group/Sound Select buttons, choose the User Program or Setup ID# to save to - for ex.:

    Save as:64 PianoBass Setup

    Note: Both the User Program and User Setup Bank ID's range from 64-127.

  5. Press SAVE again to confirm.

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