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Device Installer (XP USB Driver)

Where can I find the SP3X device installer (.inf file) for Windows XP?


The SP3 USB Audio driver for Windows XP is no longer available for download as it was not installing properly. Please disregard the manual instructions regarding its need or use.

Note, USB MIDI operations under Window XP are still fully functional even without this driver. The driver (XP only) was completely optional and not required for USB communication. It was purely a naming convenience which was intended to allow an XP-based PC to display "Kurzweil SP3X MIDI" instead of the generic Windows audio driver label "USB Audio Device".

If you previously attempted to install the XP driver, simply delete any attempted install of this and use the SP3 with just the built-in generic XP USB Audio driver label. If you run into any issues, please contact Kurzweil Operational Support.

Note: Mac OSX, Windows 7 and Vista do not require a driver/device installer. An appropriate system driver will automatically be added for the SP3 under each of these platforms when connected.

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