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How can I restore my SP2 to its factory defaults? (Hard Reset)

How can I restore my SP2 to its factory defaults?


Caution: Hard resetting will erase all user memory ! Need be, save any custom programming via sys-ex dump before proceeding.

There are two methods for performing a hard reset on a SP2 Series keyboard:

  • Global Menu Method:
    1. press GLOBAL
    2. press RESET (Enter button)
    3. press Yes/+ 3 times
  • -OR-

  • Boot Loader Method: (useful if you are unable to perform the Global menu method)
    1. turn the unit off, then on
    2. when you see the 3 red dots blink in the bottom of the screen, press TRANSPOSE - this will bring you to what is called the Boot loader Menu - on the screen you will see:

      bbl - followed by
      1.XX - the version boot block version number, then

    3. press STOP once, you will see rSt (for reset)
    4. press Rhythm/Metronome button to invoke.
    5. press PLAY to confirm

The unit will blink out as if it is turning off/on again at which point it should be completely factory reset.

If this fails to remedy things, or if you cannot even enter this menu, then it will likely be time to take the unit to an authorized Kurzweil service center for repairs.

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