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Transpose is Not Transmitting out of the MIDI OUT

I am transposing the keyboard but am finding the amount I transpose is not being sent to my external devices which I have connected to the SP2 MIDI Output. How can I correct this?


The key is to note that there are two modes of transpose available in the SP2:

  1. quick, local transpose method
  2. zone transpose within Setup editor

Using method (1), from the Program Mode (i.e. not in EDIT), simply press/hold Transpose and strike desired note (relative to C4). Note: this does not transmit out the MIDI out, i.e. local only.

The Transpose light remains lit while a transposition is in effect. Reset by repeating steps and pressing C4 as your selection.

Using method (2) from inside the EDITor, you can transpose each zone independently and this DOES affect MIDI note data output. Press Edit, select zone, press/hold Transpose and strike desired note.

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