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Assigning the SP2 Continuous Control Pedal

I would like to use a continuous control pedal to control some aspect of the sound. How do I set things up?


By default, the C Pedal acts as MIDI Expression (volume swell) for the MAIN zone, but it can be reprogrammed to do a variety of things, separately for each zone, including controlling the leslie effect on organ presets, tremolo depth, vibrato, etc.

The process for assigning the control pedal is the same as the knobs (detailed on pg. 4-12 of the manual).

With a compatible pedal connected, here are the basic steps:

  1. press EDIT
  2. select the zone (layer or split) to work in - do this by pressing the corresponding button (if the zone mutes, then it was already current - just press it again to activate again)
  3. press + hold the "Knob Mode" button and at the same time rock the control pedal. This selects the pedal onscreen for assignment, briefly displaying "CPd" as confirmation
  4. **now type in the desired CC# code using the numeric sound select buttons on the right. Be sure to press ENTER when done.
  5. press Store, select your desired QA location to save to, then press Yes to confirm.

Repeat the above as necessary for additional zones and/or Setups.

** as far as what CC codes to use, check out Appendix B in the manual. The first Table lists "Factory Settings" which indicates what the numeric CC values are by default for each physical controller, including the "CC Ped". Following you will find one table per on-board sound detailing what the various controllers do per program. Look at the available controllers per sound and make your assignment as needed.

For ex., let's say you wanted to control the tremolo depth on program 11 Old Sly Rhds. You will note Tremolo Depth is activated by Mwheel. Cross referencing that with the "Factory Settings" table, note Mwheel is cc#1.

So by assigning the CPed to cc#1 in step 3, you are basically turning the CPedal into the ModWheel and thus able to control the same things with your foot that you can with your hand on the Mwheel.

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