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Troubles Storing Program Selections in Setups

I edit a Setup and change the Program, but after I save the Setup, the Program reverts to the original sound. How can I fix this?


The problem is likely caused because of controller assignments that you are not aware of.

One thing you want to be careful of - if you start from an existing Setup and make changes, some of the parameters from that original Setup may be set to do specific things, which will affect what you are trying to do. A good example of this is Setup #1. It has the "F" button assigned to a GoTo Program function in Zone 1. The button is used to switch back and forth between Piano and Vibes. If you edit Setup #1 and change the program for Zone 1 under the Program button, it will appear that your change doesn't work correctly after you save your Setup.

What is happening is that the "F" button control function overrides the setting of the Program parameter. For this reason, it is usually easier to start with the Default Setup, #127 (a blank template in memory). If you do choose to start with one of the preset Setups, please be sure to look in Appendix E of the manual to get familiar with the controller assignments for that Setup.

Another thing to be aware of - whenever you call up a Setup, the PC88 copies all of the parameter values into an edit buffer. Any changes you make are made in that edit buffer, and the changes don't go into memory until you Store that Setup. If no Setup exists at a specific location, then nothing is copied into the edit buffer, and so the data in the edit buffer is whatever was there from the last real Setup.

For example, lets say you start with a PC88 set to factory defaults (no user Setups saved in memory). Now you call up Setup 1. All the parameters from Setups 1 are placed in the edit buffer. Next you call up Setup #67, but there is no Setup #67 yet in the instrument, so the display says "Not Found". Since nothing existed there, the values from Setup #1 are still in the edit buffer and if you start editing those values will be there unless you change them. As you can imagine, this can lead to confusion.

So again, the best way to create your own Setup is to either start from scratch with Setup 127, or start with another existing Setup if you know how its parameters are set and want to also make use of those pre-exisitng settings.

TIP: There are actually two possible starter-template Setups you can begin with:

Setup 127, Default Setup has some of the controllers set to default settings for all 4 zones. For example, the Switch Pedal 1 is set to Sustain and the wheels are set to Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend. Other controllers are unassigned.

Setup 128, A Clear Setup has ALL of the controllers unassigned. Typically it is easier to start with Setup 127, since you will normally want those basic controllers set to their default values.

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