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Using a Foot Switch Pedal to Increment Setups

What are the steps to assign a foot pedal to advance setups?


  1. With the power off, connect a foot switch pedal into any available "Switch Pedal" input on the unit's back panel (assuming you are already using SW1 for sustain, connect to SW2). Then power up. Do not step on the pedals during the boot up sequence.

  2. Press SETUP to enter Setup mode and select the desired setup.

    Note: As each Setup is its own unique collection of selections, settings, and controller assignments, the following steps need to be repeated separately within each applicable Setup you hope to use this with.

  3. Press EDIT.

    Note: It is important that you make the following pedal assignment only on a single Zone within each Setup and on a Zone whose "Destination" contains a "Local" component. Need be select/create a Local based zone to host this assignment.

  4. Press [CTRLS ]:
  5. You will see:
  6. Set the 'Controller' field to "SW Pedal 2":
  7. TIP: you can simply scroll up to this selection OR faster, use Intuitive Entry to select the SW2 pedal - press+hold the ENTER button, then step on and release the SW2 pedal.

  8. Set the 'DestType' field to "Ctrl":
  9. Set the 'OffValue', 'OnControl' and 'OffControl' fields as depicted below:
  10. TIP: to quickly assign the OnControl to "DataInc", move the cursor to the OnControl field and simply type 96+Enter on your keypad

  11. Press SAVE twice to store.
  12. Go back to step 2 and repeat for other Setups as needed.

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