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Pad Triggers - an Overview

I don't fully understand how to use the PC3LE's Pad triggers. Can you explain the basics?


Basic Applications

Each Pad can be independently programmed to trigger one of the four following functions:

Trigger Function Light Status
single notes half red/blue
(pre OS 2.10 no light was shown)
chords no light
MIDI controllers/parameters red
RIFFs blue

In Program Mode, by default, most programs, triggering single notes, use the same basic Drum Kit but this is simply a starting point; you can edit any program and, on the PADS page, reassign any other kit (or sound) you like.

Venture into Setup mode, and this is where you will see full use of the pads.

On the Setup Edit CTRLS page, each Pad can be independently assigned to act as a trigger for:

Single notes:

Chords (up to 8 notes):

MIDI Controllers/Parameters:


For complete details, be sure to check out the PC3LE User Manual, Chapter 7 pg. 15 "Pads".

Advanced Applications

Though by default in Program Mode the PADs are used soley for single note triggering, they can actually be used as single notes, chords, and controllers (incl. params) in Program mode as well as in Setup. Setup mode adds the ability to also trigger RIFFs.

As discussed above, the Program Edit PADS page is indeed the place to assign single-note triggers in Program Mode, BUT what determines what all of the moving knobs, pedals, pads, wheels, buttons etc do outside of Setup mode are the settings within the CONTROL SETUP (Setup #126 Internal Voices - pg. 7-68 in the manual).

If you edit setup #126 Internal Voices, saving your changes back on TOP of location #126, then you can override the system defaults, pads included (again, with the exception of triggering RIFFs - all else is fair game).

Any changes made to the ControlSetup are GLOBAL for all of modes outside of Setup mode, meaning all Programs will share these assignments. If you need custom, per sound assignment functionality, that is when you would use Setup mode instead as each setup has its own independent controller settings.

Editing the Control Setup is considered a more advanced user feature. Factory programs and functions can be "broken" so to speak by altering the Control Setup's defaults. As such we caution editing the Control Setup unless you are very comformtable with the PC3LE's controller functions.

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