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Storing User Data to a Computer via USB (Backing Up the Entire User Memory)

What are the steps to save all my data to my computer directly via USB?


The PC3LE storage interface permits taking a very wide or narrow view of what you can select to save from the PC3LE's memory. You can save every item in user memory, save custom groupings or be as selective as saving just one single object. Your choice. For complete details on all the selection options available, please see the PC3LE Owner's Manual starting on pg. 11-5.

The following example illustrates backing up the entire user memory into one convenient file.

  1. Connect a USB cable from the PC3LE's "Computer" USB port to a free USB port on your computer.
  2. Press the front panel STORAGE mode button, you will see:
  3. To activate the USB Temporary Drive, press [USBDrv]:
  4. On your computer a temporary drive volume and/or window should appear representing the PC3 virtual USB Drive.

  5. Press [STORE]:
  6. On this screen you can choose to simply [SvAll] (save all user memory) -OR- be more selective by pressing [Select]. Again for our example here we will choose [SvAll].
  7. Choose a directory for your file: The PC3LE storage system supports organizing your files into subdirectories if you wish (generally more appropriate when storing to USB Thumb Drive). For this example we will simply save to the root directory (Path:). Press [Ok]
  8. Using the alphanumeric keypad give your file a name. For the example here we left the default name "filename". Press [OK] when finished.
  9. A message will briefly flash on screen indicating the file was created. You will then be brought back to the main Storage Mode screen.

IMPORTANT!! The file you just created is can now be found inside the temporary USB Drive/Window on your computer desktop. The file(s) now needs to be copied (drag 'n drop) to your computer's permanent drive for long term storage. It is critical you copy your data out of the temporary desktop drive onto your desktop (or wherever you want to keep the files) before you exit Storage mode on the PC3LE as when you exit Storage (following a warning prompt mentioning the same) the files in the temp USB drive will be erased.

Deactivating the USB Drive

  1. Once you have safely copied your files out of the temporary USB Drive onto your computer and are done, you can press [Exit] to disable the USB Drive and resume normal MIDI over USB functions.
  2. Press [Yes] to confirm.

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