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Assigning Switch Pedal 1 to Sustain in KB3 Programs

When I step on the sustain pedal using a KB3 program, it is currently controlling the leslie rotor speed. How can I change that to traditional sustain operation?


Here is how to reprogram the pedal per KB3 program (they all default to leslie speed switch so the following tweak will need to be done to each program where you prefer traditional sustain functionality instead):

  1. leave the sustain pedal connected as usual (to Switch Pedal 1)
  2. select and edit the KB3 sound in question
  3. on the PARAMS page, scroll down and, in the far right hand column, set "Sustain" to Pedal 1*. Also, set "Rotary FootSw" to None.
  4. *(intuitive entry shortcut: highlight far right column then press and hold Enter while stepping on the pedal to select Pedal 1).

  5. press [<more] to the left once
  6. press [V.A.S.T.]

  7. press [more>] to the right twice
  8. press [MISC]

  9. set "Sustain: On" and "LesliePedal: None"

  10. press Save to store to user memory.

Repeat as necessary for each KB3 sound.

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