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Backing Up the Entire User Memory

How can I save my entire user memory to xD and/or USB?


All references to the "PC3" apply equally to both the PC3 and X-Pro models.

Creating the Backup File

Here is one simple method for storing all user objects into a single file. Note the PC3 supports storing data to both xD Media Card as well as directly to your computer desktop via USB . Both methods are covered in the following procedure.

(assuming you have USB cable connected between PC3 and computer and/or valid xD card inserted)

  1. press STORAGE (your screen will look similar to the below):
  2. if saving to xD skip ahead to step 4
  3. if saving to USB:
    1. press [USBDrv]

    2. press [Choose] - a temporary volume titled "KurzweilPC3" (may show as "untitled") will mount on your desktop.

    3. continue to step 4
  4. press [STORE]
  5. If saving to xD you will see:

    If saving to USB you will see:

  6. place selection cursor into the left-hand "Object Type" column, highlight "All Types" and press [Select]

  7. move selection cursor into the right-hand "Range/Bank" column, scroll down its list and highlight the selection "Everything", press [Select]
  8. press [Store]

  9. press [Ok] to save the file along side the other files you may see here.

    (optional: you can also choose/create a new directory to save into if preferred)

  10. name the file (something memorable) and press [OK]

  11. press [Yes] if/when asked to "save dependent objects?"

You will see a brief message set indicating things are being saved then will be returned to the initial Storage mode screen.

xD card users you are done.

USB Temporary Drive users read below:
VERY IMPORTANT!! when saving to the USB Temporary Drive, the file you just created will now be found inside the temporary USB Drive/Window on your computer desktop. The file(s) now needs to be copied to your computer's permanent drive for long term storage. It is critical you copy your data out of the temporary desktop drive onto your desktop (or wherever you want to keep the files) before you exit Storage mode as when you exit Storage (following a warning prompt mentioning the same) the files in the temp USB drive will be erased.

Loading the Backup File Back In

If working with the xD card, see the KBase entry "Loading User Data Off the xD Card - an Overview" for details.

If working with the USB Temporary Drive, see the KBase entry "Loading User Data via USB - an Overview" for details.

With either method, if you are wanting to load the data back in verbatim, then when you reach the "Load this file as:" step, you will want to scroll down the list of banks and select "Everything" as the location to load to and [OvWrte]** as the method.

This will assure everything will be loaded back into the exact same ID locations as they were when the file was created.

**NOTE: this means erasing whatever content is at those locations in RAM at that moment, so need be back up any resident data before overwriting.

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