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Erased User Bank / Lost GM Sound Set / Reloading the GMRAM File

I hard reset and/or otherwise unknowingly erased my user User RAM bank which was previously filled with the General MIDI (GM) sound set. How can I reinstall those sounds?


The solution is you need to reload the General MIDI (GMRAM.mid) file into the user bank. This is done by playing the GMRAM.mid file from a MIDI sequencer into the MIDI IN of the PC2.

The GMRAM file can be found on the CDROM that came with your unit (or perhaps with the Orchestral ROM Expansion if purchased separately) along with specific instructions on how to install/reload things.

The "GMRAM.mid" file can be found in the "ram" folder (file path: ram/pcr1_gm/).

Software installation instructions can be found in the "manuals" folder on the same CDROM in the documents titled "pcr1user.pdf" and "ROMinst.pdf".

If for some reason you no longer have the CDROM, you can download the necessary file and instructions here on this website.

Select your model,

...then, on the subsequent page, under "GM RAM & Extra Sounds", you will find the GMRAM file along with a link to the ROM 1 User's Guide which details the installation procedure.

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