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Erasing Song Tracks and/or Entire Songs

How can I delete tracks of a given song or erase a given song entirely on my MP20/MPS20?


To Erase Individual Song Tracks:

  1. Select the User Song to work with:
    -Press the [Rhythm] button.
    -Press [User] category button.
    -Use the [+Next] and/or [Prev-] buttons to select: U1 - U20.
  2. Press the track button corresponding to which track you wish to erase - ex: [Track 1].
  3. Press [Record].
  4. Press [Play/Stop] to begin. Let the song run through its entire duration. Do not play on the piano keys.
  5. Press [Play/Stop] when the song end is reached.
  6. Press [Save] to store.

Note: This method only permits deleting Track 1 and/or Track 2. It does NOT permit deleting any Rhythm used in recording.

To Erase a User Song Completely (including Rhythm):

  1. Press the [Rhythm] button.
  2. Using the [+Next] and/or [Prev-] buttons, select #351 "No Rhythm". Rhythm #351 is a 'blank'.
    (usually moving backwards through the list pressing [Prev -] several times, will get you there quickest).
  3. With rhythm #351 selected, press [Record].
  4. Press [Play/Stop] (you can press [Play/Stop] anytime after the start).
  5. You will be prompted to "SAVE RHYTHM AS UX?" - where "X" equals the User Song number (1-20).

  6. Using the [+Next] and/or [Prev-] buttons, select the User song to erase, for ex "U1".
  7. Press [Save] and the chosen User Song (U1 in our ex) will be erased completely.

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