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Touch Sensitivity Adjustments

How can I adjust the touch sensitivity of my CUP2/MP10/MPS10?


To adjust the Touch Sensitivity (how the keyboard responds to your playing):

  1. Press [Layer] + [Split] together to enter the FUNCTION menu.

  2. Press either [Layer] -OR- [Split] to move through the Function menu (forwards and backwards) and locate the Touch Sens parameter (6).

  3. Press [Next] -OR- [Previous] to scroll through and select from the 10 available touch sensitivity maps.

    The choices are:

    • Linear (default)
    • Light 1
    • Light 2
    • Light 3
    • Hard 1
    • Hard 2
    • Hard 3
    • Piano Touch
    • Easy
    • GM Receive
  4. Press either [Voices] -OR- [Piano] to Exit the Function menu.

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