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Erase a Song Recorder Track

How do I erase an individual track in the Mark 6/8/10/110/150?


To erase a recorder Track, simply record "nothing" over it:

  1. press Record (the record button will blink)
  2. select the track to be erased (its button will blink)
  3. press Play/Pause (allow the recorder to play over the area to erase - do not play any notes or touch any controllers while recording)
  4. press Stop
Note: if when you press Record you see a "FUL" or "E18" message appear on screen, this would indicate the unit's memory is completely full and as such entering record (even to record "nothing") is prohibited. To proceed you will need to delete other songs from memory, in their entirety, to free up space. To learn how, see "Deleting Songs From the Recorder".

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