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E18 - Memory FULL

I'm trying to a record or load a song in my Mark 6/8/10/110/150 and I get error "E18" (Memory Full).


Once the memory is FULL existing songs must be deleted in order to make more room.

You have two options on how to proceed:

  1. you can delete all existing songs, whereby freeing up all memory to start over...OR
  2. you can delete select songs, leaving some in memory while erasing others.

!!IMPORTANT!! With either method it is recommended you save to floppy disk any custom songs currently in memory that you want to keep before you proceed !! - please see the manual for details on saving to floppy.

On pg. 44-45 of the manual, both of the above methods for clearing space are detailed under the "MIDI Edit" section.

To clear (or reset as it's called) the entire memory...., simply hold MIDI and press the highest note on the keyboard simultaneously and ALL of the unit's memory will be cleared and its settings returned to their factory default. Described as "Reset Parameters" in the manual.

To delete an individual song... press MIDI and the highest 'F' natural on the keyboard (described as Delete Song/Style in the manual). At this point all filled song location buttons on the front panel will begin to blink indicating which song slots are occupied. From here press the ONE song you wish to erase and in the screen you will be prompted with a "Y" or "N" confirming YES or NO you want to proceed (or not). Press the appropriate arrow button beneath the display to continue

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