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Loading Kurzweil .SNG Songs into Another Sequencer

How can I load Mark 6/8/10/110 songs into another sequencer or instrument?


The Mark 6, 8, 10, 110, and 150 save songs in our own .SNG format, which cannot be read by other sequencers. These models do not have the ability to export songs in the .MID format. However, we have designed a PC program called "EXPORT" which will convert .SNG files to .MID format.

EXPORT is available in both Windows and DOS versions. (Operating instructions are found within each download).

Please realize these apps were created in the mid-90's (i.e. Win 95/98 era). As such they have not been tested with later Windows OS's. If you have problems with the Windows version, you can download a DOS version, which seems to work for just about everyone.

For Mac users, sorry, but we do not have a Mac version. However, you can still get the song into an external sequencer by recording from one sequencer to another in real time.

To do this:

  1. Connect the Mark MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN of your computer MIDI Interface OR external hardware sequencer
  2. Set the Kurzweil to Transmit Sequence Data by holding the MIDI Button and striking G#5 on the keyboard (as shown on page 45 of the manual)
  3. On the external sequencer, set it to sync to an External Clock
  4. Set up the tracks on the external sequencer to match all the channels being used on the Kurzweil sequence and make sure it is set to Multi-Record. (This will allow you to record multiple channels of information in one pass. If the sequencer can't do this, you will have to make one pass for each MIDI channel.)
  5. In the Kurzweil recorder select the song as needed
  6. Press Record on the external sequencer
  7. Press play on the Kurzweil

The data will be recorded in real time.

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