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How can I restore my unit to factory defaults? (hard reset)

How can I restore my Mark 12/Mark 112/Mark 152 to its factory defaults? (hard reset)


Caution: Hard resetting will erase all user memory ! Need be, back up any custom data to disk before proceeding. (see manual for details)

There are two methods for performing a hard reset on a Mark 12/112/152:

  • MIDI/Prefs Menu Method:
    1. start with the power on
    2. press the MIDI/Prefs Button
    3. press the button under Reset in the display
    4. press the button under "Do it"
  • -OR-

  • Boot Loader Method: (useful if your screen is blank and cannot perform the MIDI/Prefs menu method)
    1. start with the unit off (i.e., unplug it)
    2. hold down the KEY START, KEY STOP, and LAYER / VOLUME buttons
    3. turn the unit on; wait 2 seconds then release all the buttons.
      You are now in the Boot Block.
    4. press Next.
    5. select "HARD RESET"
    6. answer Yes to prompts that follow
    7. select Run Engine

The unit is now reset.

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