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Problems Playing Song Files Directly Off Disk (DiskPlay)

I'm having problems playing some song files directly from disk (using DiskPlay) on my Mark 12/112/152. How can I resolve this?


The Mark 12/112/152 can only play certain types of Songs from disk. Supported DiskPlay formats are: .MID Type 0, Yamaha Disk Orchestra* and PianoSoft*, and PianoDisc*.

*Important to note that even some of these 3rd party formats may not work properly either as over the years these formats themselves have changed. So overall, type 0 MIDI Files will be the best format to use.

Kurzweil .SNG and .MID Type 1 format files cannot be played directly from disk but must be loaded into the Mark 12.152 before they can be played.

TIP: If you have a .MID file that can't be played from disk, it is likely then that it is a Type 1 file. However, you can convert it easily into a Type 0 format file so you can play it from disk.

To do so, simply load the file into the Mark 12/152. then save back to disk, selecting .MID Type 0 for the file format. We recommend saving to a different disk, or renaming the song if you want to save it to the same disk. That way, you won't erase the original song on your disk. You can also use this same technique to convert Kurzweil format songs to a .MID Type 0 file. However, you can't do this with songs that use the Auto Accompaniment features, since the information required to use Auto Accompaniment can't be saved as part of a .MID file.

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