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Setting the Pitch Bend Range for Individual Programs via MIDI

How can I set the Pitch Bend Range for individual programs via MIDI?


Pitch Bend Range can be set by sending MIDI controller messages. Specifically, you do it with Registered Parameters (cc# 100 and 101).

On the MIDI channel in question, you need to send:
MIDI cc101 = 0
MIDI cc100 = 0
MIDI cc6 = value of desired bend range (in semitones)

Example: Lets say you want to set the bend range to 2 semi-tones. First you send cc# 100 with a value of 0; then cc#101 with a value of 0. This turns on reception for setting pitch bend with the Data controller (#6). Then you send cc# 6 with a value of 2 (in semitones; this will give you a whole step up and a whole step down from the center).

Once you have set the bend range the way you want, then you send controller 100 or 101 with a value of 127 so that any further messages of controller 6 (which you might be using for other stuff) won't change the bend range.

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