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Play Individual Sonatine Selections

How can I play individual Sonatine selections built into the KA150?


Here are the steps:

  1. Press the [Edu/Function] button:

  2. Press the [Sonatine] button:

  3. Refer to the list of Sonatines on pg. 25 of the manual. Take note of the 'Select No' (number) corresponding to the selection you wish to hear. To play a given selection, punch in the 'Select No' (number) for that Sonatine directly using the black piano keys marked 1 through 0 (C#5 - A#6):

    Example: To play OP.55 NO.3-2 (Select No. 16 in the manual):

    • Press 1 (C#5)   

    • Press 6 (C#6)   

    • Press Play/Stop to start playback.    

    • Press Play/Stop a 2nd time to stop playback.

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