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Deleting Songs and Tracks

What are the basic steps to deleting song tracks and/or entire songs from the on-board Song recorder?


Delete Individual Tracks:

  1. Press/hold SHIFT + RECORD (aka Bank) to enter Song Record mode.

  2. Using the data wheel (and/or -/NO +/YES buttons) select the user song ID that you wish to delete a track from (User Song 1, User Song 2, ...User Song 5).

  3. Press/hold SHIFT + RECORD (again) to enter Record Ready mode:

    Note on screen you will see a small "REC" tab displayed to indicate you are in Record Ready status.

  4. Press/hold SHIFT + RECORD for two seconds to enter Delete mode (Preparation for deleting):

    Note on screen you will see a "(!) Delete?" displayed to indicate you are in Delete Ready status.

  5. Press SHIFT and any of the 6 track buttons (ACCOMP, M1-M5) to light only those tracks you wish to delete. Note, only lit (red) tracks will be deleted. Unlit tracks will not be deleted.

  6. Press +/YES button to execute.

  7. Press/hold SHIFT + RECORD to exit Record Ready mode.

Delete an Entire Song:

Follow the same steps as above (for deleting individual tracks), and at step 5 simply select all 6 tracks to delete (i.e. they will all be lit red).

Delete all User Songs in Memory:

  1. Start with the power off.
  2. Press/hold SONG+RECORD(BANK) buttons together while turning on the power.

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