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Song Recording Basics

What are the basic steps to using the on-board Song recorder?


  1. Press/hold SHIFT + RECORD (aka Bank) to enter Song Record mode.

  2. Using the data wheel (and/or -/NO +/YES buttons) select one of five available user song ID's to record "to" (User Song 1, User Song 2, ...User Song 5).

  3. Press/hold SHIFT + RECORD (again) to enter Record Ready mode (Preparation for recording):

    Note on screen you will see a small "REC" tab displayed to indicate you are in Record Ready status.

  4. Using the VOICES select buttons, choose your desired instrument to record with.

  5. (optional) Using the Metronome buttons enable the metronome click to record along with.

  6. Using the TEMPO buttons, set the desired song tempo.

  7. As needed, press+hold SHIFT along with one of the Track buttons to designate which track to record 'to' (the default will always be the first empty melody track).

    A flashing track button indicates the track you will record to.
    A solid track button indicates a track that already contains a recorded performance.
    An unlit track button indicates an empty/unused track.

    Note: if recording to the ACCOMP track, use the STYLES section buttons to pick your desired style, chord mode etc.

  8. Press START/STOP button to start recording -OR- just start playing (the recorder will begin recording automatically when you touch a piano key).

  9. When done recording the track, press/hold SHIFT + RECORD to stop recording. The Recorder will immediately auto-play your performance. Press START/STOP to stop playback as needed.

  10. Go back to step 3 and repeat to record additional tracks.

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