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Arrangement Editor Transition Glitches

I am using the Arrangement Editor. As the sequence moves between steps, there are timing glitches. How can I improve this?


Timing problems can occur for two different reasons:

  1. Individual song END times are poorly set:

    A common cause of timing problems is if the individual songs don't have their end points set correctly you can inadvertently be adding gaps between the various song steps. You should always check in the Event editor (end of the list of events) to make sure the END point falls on the downbeat. For ex., if your step is 8 bars long, the end point should be precisely 9:1:000.

  2. Too many MIDI events are occurring all on the exact same beat during step transitions.

This latter problem is a more involved issue. Let's take a closer look.

When you record a track for the first time, the K2 puts program and bank change, volume, and pan messages at 1:1:000. These messages call up the correct sound and set the pan and volume levels for each MIDI channel when you first call up the song.

But when you are stringing together several songs in the Arrangement editor and the K2 moves from step to step, it suddenly must process those messages. Lets say you have ten tracks. With 4 events per track, it suddenly has 40 messages it must process, PLUS any note and controller messages that you have recorded into the track starting at 1:1:000. If it gets too many messages simultaneously, the processor is not able to handle them all at once and you end up hearing glitches.

Typically, you are probably not changing programs or pan and volume levels on a MIDI channel when you are switching between steps. So these extra messages are simply using up processing time without doing anything of benefit. So the solution is to get rid of these messages if you don't need them.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you go into the Event Editor, you can simply highlight them one at a time and press Cut. Another way is to go into the Track editor, select the Erase function, set the From to 1:1 and the To to 1:2, set the Events parameter appropriately, and press go. You can get rid of both program and bank change messages by setting Events to ProgChange. You can get rid of both Pan and Volume by setting Events to Controllers and Ctl to All, or choose Pan and volume individually. If you do set it to All, make sure you do not have other controller events (such as Sustain or Mod Wheel) occurring between 1:1 and 1:2. One advantage to using the Track Editor is that you can select All Tracks for editing rather than having to do this one track at a time.

Of course, if you ARE changing the Program, Volume, or Pan on a MIDI channel, you would need to leave the appropriate events on the track. But if you have ten tracks and are only changing things on two of the tracks, you can still delete this extra info on the other eight tracks.

By deleting these superfluous events, you can greatly minimize any glitching you might hear when switching between steps.

Of course, you will still want to have these messages at the beginning of your sequence so that the right sounds and levels are set when you first play the sequence. If the Song being used in Step 1 is only used in Step 1 and is not looped, then you can leave these events in that Song. But what if that same Song ID is called up again in a later step or if Step 1 is looped? Then you will want to remove these events from that Song as well. In this case the better approach is to record these messages in the current song (the song in which you set up the steps in the Arrangement editor). You can easily do this with the following method: Go to the MAIN page, select a particular RecTrk, then press Record. Next select the Program you want for that track and set Volume and Pan levels if desired, then press Stop. Repeat with the next track.

Now the Arrange song will host these track messages, as opposed to the individual song step.

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