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Using Setups When Sequencing

Can I use a Setup when Sequencing?


It is possible but there are some considerations.

The first thing that you need to note is that a Setup transmits MIDI information on multiple MIDI channels, playing different programs on different channels. This is the same thing a sequencer does - you have different tracks, sending information on different channels. Typically, on most sequencers, a track can only be assigned to a single channel. Therefore one track can't play a Setup, it can only play a single Program since it is sending on one channel.

Therefore in order to record a Setup, you must set a sequencer to multi-record. This will allow the sequencer to record multiple channels of information, keeping get info separate. On most external sequencers, you will do this by recording onto multiple tracks simultaneously, with each track set to a different channel. A few sequencers will multi record onto a single track, but will keep the MIDI channel info separated on that one track. If you are using an external sequencer, you will have to consult your manual for info on how to set the sequencer up for multi-recording.

Within the K2 itself, here is the way to multi-record:

Set the Rec Track parameter to Mult. Then go to Setup mode and go back to Song mode. Now instead of the Program parameter, you will see Setup. At this point you can chose the Setup you want.

The final step is that you must have the tracks record enabled which are assigned to the MIDI channels used by the Setup. When you first set Rec Track to Mult, the Kurzweil will probably set all the tracks to be record enabled. But you only need to have  the ones enabled that you actually want to record on. So you should go and disable the other tracks. (You do this by changing a track from "R" to "-".)

Lets say that you want to record two of the preset setups, both of which only have three zones. On our preset Setups, as a default we always assign zone 1 to channel 1, zone 2 to channel 2, etc. We'll also assume you have the MIDI channel assignments set up to their default (Track 1 is channel 1, track 2 is channel 2, etc.)

So to record the first setup, you set Record Track to Mult, leaving tracks 1-3 record enabled and disabling the other tracks. Now you record that setup and have data on the first 3 tracks.

Now you want to record the second setup, but it is also set to send on channels 1,2, & 3. You now have two choices. One is to edit that setup to send on channels 4, 5, & 6. Another way, which is easier since it doesn't require to you to edit the setup, is to change the channel assignments on the first 3 tracks to channels 4, 5, & 6. Then change the channels for tracks 4-6 to be channels 1-3. Now make sure that those three tracks are record enabled and disable the others, and you can record the second Setup  to the next three tracks.

Once you are done, you can always move the channel assignments back to their default, if you want. Just press the Stop button after you have changed the MIDI channels for the tracks. This is will cause the K2 to send the program and bank change commands that have been recorded at 1:1:000 on that channel, and call up the correct sound from that track on the newly assigned channel.

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