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How to Save a Multi-Timbral Setup

How can I save a multi-timbral setup?


We don't store multi-timbral objects in our architecture. However, you can save this information to disk by saving the Master table, which consists of the parameters on the Master, Effects, Sample, Song Mode MISC, and all 3 MIDI pages, including what program is on each channel. Think of this sort of like a "snap-shot" of all 16 channels and their current settings. When you load the file with that Master Table, the multi-timbral configuration will be recalled.


  1. go to Disk Mode
  2. select the disk you wish to save to (Current Disk field)
  3. press [ SAVE ]
  4. scroll to the near the bottom of the bank list and select "Master"
  5. press [ OK ]
  6. if asked "Save dependent objects?", press [ Yes ]**
  7. name the file (optional but recommended)
  8. choose directory (optional)
  9. press [ OK ]

**If any RAM programs are currently assigned to a MIDI channel, or the Current Song is a RAM Song (anything other than Song 1), or any other RAM objects are assigned on the Master or MIDI pages, the Kurzweil will ask if you want to save dependent objects. If you answer yes, all RAM programs, songs, keymaps, etc. currently being accessed will be saved along with the Master Table.

Note: you can also do a sysex dump of the Master Table to an external device capable of recording sysex. Dependent Objects, however, are not dumped automatically along with the Master Table.

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