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Not Enough Memory to Complete This Load

When I try and load a file I get the message "Not Enough Memory to Complete This Load". How can I tell how much memory I have available? and how can I load what I need to load?


Not enough memory to complete this load.


This messge indicates that you do not have enough PRAM memory to load the selected item.

The key to managing your memory is to first realize that there are two types of user memory in the K2, PRAM and Sample RAM, and each serves a different purpose.

Sample RAM vs. PRAM

You can see the memory you have available by going to either the Master or Disk mode menus. In our example here, we have gone to Disk mode. Depending on your model, your screen will look similar to this:

DiskMode    Samples:131072K Memory:1502K

CurrentDisk:Floppy        Startup:Off
                          Verify :Off

<more   Load   Save  Macro  Delete more>

PRAM is battery backed memory and its gauge is displayed in the upper right hand corner (Memory:). It is used for saving user objects such as programs, keymaps, setups, QA banks, and sequences. In fact, everything that can be named and saved goes into the battery backed RAM except for the actual audio sample data. When the K2 is powered off, the battery kicks in to retain those items in PRAM.

For the K2000, the total memory allocated to all of these objects is 120K expandable to 760K with the PRAM option.

For the K2500, it is 256k, expandable to 1280k with the PRAM option.

For the K2600, it is 486k, expandable to 1502k with the PRAM option.

For the K2661, the total memory is 1502K, and there is no PRAM expansion option.

Sample RAM:

Sample memory (SIMMs) is NOT battery backed (i.e. volatile) and its gauge is displayed in the top center of the display (Samples:). Its sole purpose is to hold user audio data (samples) while the power is on. Its contents erases when the unit is powered off. Programs, keymaps, setups, QA banks and sequences cannot access this memory; it is reserved strictly for RAM sample data.

The K2000 can have up to 64MB of sample RAM.
The K25 and K26 series units hold up to 128Mb.

Memory Management

So if you get a message saying not enough memory to load it simply means you do not have enough PRAM left to load the file in question. The next thing to figure out then is how to still find a way to load the desired file(s).

One brute force solution is to purchase and install the appropriate PRAM kit for your unit. With the exception of the K2661 (which has no PRAM expansion) you can significanlty increase your PRAM storage capacity by way of this option.

A more economical approach (and/or if you already have the PRAM expansion) would be to do a little house cleaning, deleting from RAM objects not really needed at the moment. There are several ways to go about this:

  1. Broad method: you could hard reset the machine and delete all user memory, providing you with a clean slate and full PRAM to work with. Of course you would want to save to disk any custom content not already backed up before prroceeding as hard resetting will clear any objects you have made or loaded. (Reset procedures: K2000, K2500 , K2600 , K2661)
  2. OR

  3. A more selective approach: use the Master menu, Object/Delete tool to hand-pick the items you wish to clear from memory (see the "Object Utilities" section in the Master Mode chapter of your manual for details).

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