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Working with the K2661 Digital Outs


How do I generate a digital audio output signal from my K2661?


Digital audio output is available at the ADAT/AES Out optical jack on the rear panel of the K2661. The format of the digital output stream can be chosen to match your other digital audio equipment (Master/MAST2 page - 'Digital Output Format'). Formats supported by the K2661 include ADAT 8-channel, AES/EBU Professional 2-channel, and AES Consumer (also known as S/PDIF) 2-channel.

The provided Out is "always-on", fed directly by the internal KDFX "Output A-D" studio FX busses (Studio Editor/ OUTPUT page). The signal is output at a fixed rate of 48kHz and must serve as clock master (ie it cannot slave). The output bit depth is selectable, at 16, 20 or 24 bits (Master/MAST2 page - 'Digital Output Length').

The output signal routing from the ADAT/AES Out is as follows:

A Left > ADAT channel 1 (and AES out L)
A Right > ADAT channel 2 (and AES out R)
B Left > ADAT channel 3
B Right > ADAT channel 4
C Left > ADAT channel 5
C Right > ADAT channel 6
D Left > ADAT channel 7
D Right > ADAT channel 8

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