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CDROM Can't Be Read by Computer


I have a Kurzweil format CD-ROM. I put it into my computer and received a message saying it could not read the disk.


There are two problems with putting the CD in your computer:

  1. The first is that initially in their development, the K2 series units (K2000+K2500) did not support the ISO-9660 format, which is often used by computers for a CD-ROM format. As most commercially available Kurzweil soundware CDROMs were created in these "early years", your computer must be able to deal with a CD that is not in ISO-9660.
  2. The second problem has to do with the formatting of the disk itself. The disk will be a disk image copy of the DOS or Kurzweil formatted source disk that originally contained the data. Our disk format is similar to but not fully implemented DOS. So if the disk was taken from a Kurzweil formatted source disk, the computer may or may not recognize that format, depending on the drivers or software running in your computer.

Note: For user-created disks made with a K2500 with an OS version 2.88 or later for non-KDFX units or 4.21 or later for KDFX units or with a K2600/2661:

Starting with these versions, we added support the ISO-9660 format, so if the disk was burned using IS0-9660, the computer should be able to read the disk. However, remember again that most commercially available CD-ROMs were created prior to the addition of this ability and instead were burned as disk image copies, so you are still likely to run into the situation described above.

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