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"About to Load Startup File..."


When I turn on my unit, the display says "About to Load Startup File", and then switches to "Problems Loading Disk" or other error message.


The problem is that the Startup parameter on the Disk Mode page has been enabled, set to a SCSI ID number, Floppy, or SMedia (K2661), and you do not have a Boot Macro on the specified disk. If you set it to Off, these messages will not show up when you turn on the unit.

A Boot Macro is located at the root level of a disk, which will load automatically when you turn on the unit. By setting the Startup parameter to a value other than Off, you cause the Kurzweil to look for a file called BOOT.MAC on the root level of the specified disk and load that file when you turn on the unit. If you have created a Boot Macro and still see these messages, check to make sure the Boot Macro is saved at the root level on your disk, and that Startup is set to the correct SCSI ID number of your drive (or to floppy, or SMedia if you are using those instead).

For more information on Macros and the Boot Macro, please see the "Using Macros" tutorial here. Additional information can also be found in the disk mode chapter of your manual.

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