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Overdubbing Additional Tracks Over an Arrangement Song

I have assembled an Arrange Song that contains numerous song steps. How can I now overdub additional tracks on top of the ongoing backing Arrange song?


The key here is to realize that an Arrangement Song has no musical data in it initially. It itself is an empty 16 track song that merely contains your arrangement "playlist".

As such, you can call up an assembled Arrange Song, and record onto its tracks. This is a useful approach let's say if you built your song in typical sections (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) and strung these together using the Arrange Editor. Now with this arrangement playing back you can record over top and overdub lead lines, drum fills, etc. The advantage being the Arrange Song's tracks are continuous, stretching across all of the Arrange step sections running underneath, so you can play through the transitions between Arrange steps.

Note: an important thing to keep in mind is that the K2 is still only a 16-channel unit, and only one program can be on a MIDI channel at a time. Therefore you want to record onto tracks which are assigned to MIDI channels that are not already being used by the underlying song steps OR be prepared to share a channel and thus existing program.

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