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96/192 Oscillators


I have seen advertisements that say that the K2000 features 96 oscillators (or 192 on the K2500/K2600/K2661). How does that work?


Each layer in a program uses one voice per note (or two voices per note in the case of stereo samples). This voice corresponds to the sample or sampled waveform being called up by the keymap. But in addition, to that sample or waveform, some algorithms allow you to call up additional simple waveforms as a DSP function. Since these waveforms are created by the V.A.S.T. engine, they do not use any polyphony.

So it is possible to have a layer which has an initial sample or waveform, plus up to three more DSP-generated waveforms in a layer, for a total of 4 oscillators per layer:

K2000 Series (4 x 24 voices of polyphony) = 96 oscillators
K25/K26 Series (4 x 48 voices of polyphony) = 192 oscillators

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