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Samples Erased After Powering Off

When I turn off the unit my samples are erased. The programs remain, but make no sound. Is there any way to keep the samples in memory when the power is off?


This is normal. No there is no way to maintain the samples in memory when the power is off. They need to be reloaded with each use. The key is to realize that there are two types of user memory used by the K2 and each serves a different purpose.

Sample RAM vs. PRAM


The first type is battery backed (called PRAM) and is used for saving objects such as programs, setups, QA banks, and sequences. In fact, everything that can be named and saved goes into the battery backed RAM except for the actual audio sample data. When the K2 is powered off, the battery kicks in to retain those items in PRAM.

For the K2000, the total memory allocated to all of these objects is 120K expandable to 760K with the PRAM option.

For the K2500, it is 256k, expandable to 1280k with the PRAM option.

For the K2600, it is 486k, expandable to 1502k with the PRAM option.

For the K2661, the total memory is 1502K, and there is no PRAM expansion option.

Sample RAM:

The second type is sample memory (SIMMs) which is NOT battery backed (i.e. volatile). Its sole purpose is to hold user audio data (samples) while the power is on. Its contents erases when the unit is powered off. Programs, setups, QA banks and sequences cannot access this memory; it is reserved only for RAM sample data.

Since the sample is not battery backed but programs and keymaps are, if you load in a file of programs using RAM samples and turn off your unit, when you turn it back on you will see the programs but they won't make any sound (since the samples they were using are now gone).

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