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Loading Files in From Other K2 Series Models


Can I load a K2000 file into a K2500/K2600 or vice versa?
Also I am trying to load a K2500/K2600 file into my K2000 and it does not see the file on the disk.


Loading K2000 files into the K2500/K2600

The K2500/K2600 can load the .KRZ files created by the K2000 without any problems. However, there are a few differences to be aware of:

ROM Drum samples. While most of the samples in the base ROM are compatible between the K2000 and the K2500/K2600, the drum samples are not. The K2500/K2600 drums are made from new recordings and a slightly different selection of drums is offered (e.g., three ambient snares instead of four). Furthermore, all drums and percussion were grouped in one multi-root sample in the K2000 (Sample #20 Drums and Percussion), but in the K2500/K2600 they are available as separate samples addressed by number. For this reason, K2000 programs which use Drum keymaps will not normally work correctly on the K2500/K2600.

ROM Effects programs. The original K2000 effects were reprogrammed for greater s/n ratio, and reorganized for ease of use or even revoiced for the K2500. The Effect page in the program editor always points to an Effect program, and has several parameters for real-time control. Typically, programs developed for the 2000 series will use factory default effects. When these programs are loaded into a K2500, they will not call the correct effect. However, the K2vx and K2000VP feature the same preset effects as the K2500/K2600, so if the program was created on one of these instruments, the effects will sound identical on the K2500. The K2600 does not have the Digitech effects in it, so this is not an issue for the K2600. Instead, when loading a file into the K2600 from a K2000 (or a K2500 without KDFX), the K2600 will automatically create KDFX settings to mimic the Digitech effects.

ROM Keymaps. An effort was made to keep instrument keymaps in the same order as in the K2000 because the keymap must be correct for a program to sound correct. Keymaps 20-30 and 173-176 have been replaced and subtle improvements in volume have been made to others. Programs using these keymaps will either say "Not Found" or call up a different Keymap.

Sequencing Issues. If a song was created on the original K2000 and it uses the ROM presets, it will of course not call up the correct programs. If the song was created on a K2vx or K2000VP and you load it into a K2500, it should play the song correctly, although you may find some differences with the drums. (Of course, if it requires any sounds from the optional ROM blocks and you do not have those blocks in your K2500/K2600, the song will not be able to play those sounds.) The K2600 has all new programs, so once again, any program changes calling up ROM programs will not call up the correct sounds.

For all of the above reasons, we have created a K2000 compatibility disk for the K2500/K2600 which addresses these issues and is included in the box with the other factory disks. The K2600 also has a K2500 compatibility file. Instructions on how to use these files can be found in Appendix B of the K2500/K2600 Reference Manual. The compatibility files (and manunals) for the K2500 and K2600 can be downloaded from each respective product download area.

Loading K2500/K2600 files into the K2000

In general, K2500/K2600 files can be loaded into a K2000. However, there are some critical issues to be aware of:

  1. Setups from a K2500/2600 can't be loaded into a K2000 due to differences between Setups in the two units.
  2. Programs saved in a K2500 with the KDFX option or in a K2600 can't be loaded into a K2000 with an OS version 3.54 or lower. Version 3.87 can load in the program. Of course, all of the KDFX information is ignored, and you will probably want to select an appropriate effect and turn up the wet/dry mix.
  3. The K2500 saves files with a .K25 extension; the K2600 saves them with a .K26 extension; the K2000 saves them with a .KRZ extension. However, the file formats are the same. If the K2000 has v3.18 or later, it will recognize the .K25 and .K26 extensions. If the K2000 has an earlier version, it does not recognize that extension and therefore can't see the file on the disk. However, if you use a computer to change the extension from .K25/.K26 to .KRZ, it can then load the file.
  4. As described in the previous section, the drum samples in the K2500/K2600 are different then those in the K2000. Any programs which use the ROM drum samples will not play on the K2000.
  5. As described in the previous section, the preset Digitech Effects are different in the K2500 than the original K2000. Because of this, any programs which use a preset effect will not sound correct, and since the K2600 does not have the Digitech effect, the KDFX info is ignored. In both situations, you will probably want to select an appropriate effect and turn up the wet/dry mix.
  6. A few K2500/K2600 programming parameters or parameter values are not available for the K2000. If these parameters are left at their defaults, the program will load in identically. For some parameters, the K2000 will simply choose its normal value if the K2500/K2600 value is not available. For a couple of other parameters, such as Impact, a value other than the default will cause the program not to be loaded if the K2000 has version 3.54 or earlier of the operating system. Versions higher than 3.54 will load in the program. (Any other programs in the file will be loaded.)

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