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Formatting Floppy Disks


What are the steps to format a floppy disk?


  1. Write enable (tab in the down position-window closed) a blank disk or one you wish to erase; place it in the drive.
  2. Press the DISK button.
  3. Press the soft button under Format. (you may need to press the [more] buttons to locate this selection)
  4. Respond to the question "Format this disk?" by pressing the soft button under the YES response.
  5. The display will allow you to select whether the disk should be formatted as a 720K or 1.4M disk. Make your selection depedning on the type of disk you are using (1.4M HD disks are most common)
  6. Respond YES to the question asking "This will erase everything. Continue?"
  7. Press the YES button again when the display asks a final time "Are you really sure?".
  8. When formatting is done, in later model OS's, you may next be prompted to "format another floppy?" (yes/no), otherwise the display will return to its previous state.

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