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Playing Imported WAV and AIFF files

I imported a WAV or AIFF file and when I go to play it in Program Mode, I don't see it. How can I quickly make use of imported samples?


When loading in raw samples, it is important to note that they will not automatically show up in any mode other than "Sample" Mode until you make something with them... i.e. Program mode only shows programs, Song mode only shows songs, Setup mode only setups, Sample Mode only samples, and so on.

Now obviously Programs can me constructed of samples, so what you will need to do is create a program (and keymap) that uses these raw samples you have loaded so that a Program drawing upon them is available in Program Mode. Think of this like cooking, Programs are your recipes and Samples are you raw ingredients. When looking through Program mode you are only viewing "cooked" recipes (programs) NOT the raw ingredients (samples). Likewise when you look through Sample Mode you will only see raw samples (ingredients) NOT the Programs (fully cooked recipes).


There are several ways to manually build your own Program and Keymap (see the Keymap Edit section in the Sample Mode chapter of your Musician's Guide) but the fastest way to do it is to use the Preview function (for details see 'Preview' in the Sample Mode chapter). Preview takes the currently selected sample and auto-creates a keymap and program for this sample, mapped (stretched) up and down the whole keyboard, with the sample's root pitch set to the MIDI note number of the same pitch. To use Preview simply:

  1. go to Sample Mode
  2. select the sample (presumably one of the ones you loaded and have been looking for)
  3. press Preview
  4. select a Program Bank to Preview "to" (i.e. created a Program based around this sample)
  5. press OK - the screen will display the Program # created.
  6. go back out to Program Mode and you will find this newly created Program at the location displayed above


For KDFX equipped units only (K25* models with the KDFX option and all K2600 series)

In the later model, KDFX-equipped K2 series units, a MULTI-preview function was added permitting the same functionality as the above Preview function but expanded to allow the auto-assignment of multiple samples at the same time. In these models, you will see a soft button choice [Multi] automatically appear on the Sample Preview screen. Pressing it brings ups the familiar multi-object selector screen allowing you to select multiple samples for assignment (see the Sample Mode chapter of your Musician's Guide for details).

(*The K25 requires both the KDFX upgrade and latest version of software, v5.01)

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