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Customizing the ROM Presets In the K25/K26


I have a K2500/K2600 and I understand I can customize the ROM presets. How do I do this?


Since all the presets in the K25/K26 are stored in flash ROM, you can customize the presets by creating your own set of objects and installing them. You could, for instance, make your own set of preset programs. The key to doing this is to understand that the file you install must contain ALL the objects you need - this includes all programs, setups, keymaps, plus the sample headers (which access the ROM samples), intonation tables, velocity maps, etc. (If you have KDFX and v4 or later of the OS, you can actually install multiple files instead of just a single file, but the key is still to make sure you include EVERY object that you need.) You will need to have the PRAM option in your K25/K26, since you will need to load one of the existing object files and modify it, and these files won't fit into a unit without PRAM.

Without KDFX (K2500)

  1. This assumes you already have a disk copy of the Objects file that is installed in your K2500. LOAD the version of the Objects file that you have currently installed in flash ROM as an Everything file, using Overwrite. This will cover up all the ROM objects with duplicate objects in RAM.
  2. Edit any of the RAM objects or save new objects into any ID number that you want.
  3. SAVE back to disk as an Everything file.
  4. Install the new objects file from the boot loader. (Consult Chapter 2 of the manual for more info on this.)

With KDFX (K2661/K2600/K2500 w/ KDFX)

The process is essentially the same, except that the ROM Objects are divided into a series of files. You would want to load in one file at a time as an Everything file with Overwrite, make your changes and save it back as an Everything file. Then do the same with the next file, etc. Once you have modified all the files that you want, you would then install all of them. The installation process is the same, except for one small change - after installing a file, press OK to install another objects file. When you have installed all of the files, press Done to finish the installation.

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