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Choosing Compatible Soundware CDROMs


What CDROM sample disks are suitable for use with the K2?


Many 3rd party companies have released CDROMs in K2000/K2500/K2600 format. Please see our Developer Listing for info on some of these companies.

Aside from native titles, the K2 can also read Roland S series, Ensoniq EPS, and Akai S1000/3000 series, format CDROMs (version 3 or later required for the K2000). It is important to understand that with foreign formats, the samples and keymaps will be read, but not the other program information (envelopes, filter settings, modulation routings etc.). For a CDROM of loops, sound effects, or any file where there is little or no programming added to the sample, you will be able to obtain good results very easily - but for a CDROM file that has an extensive amount of programming, the samples will convert correctly but the programs may sound different. Some programming effort may be required to duplicate the programs as they were on the original sampler. Also, file loading times are slower for conversions from other formats. If given the choice between a native Kurzweil format CDROM or a foreign format disk, you will want to choose the Kurzweil disk.

In addition to prefabricated soundware titles, the K2 can also import raw .WAV and AIFF sample files. If you have a CDROM of .WAV or AIFF files, they are typically formatted in ISO-9660 format. If you have current versions of the operating system for your K2500 or K2000 or a K26000, you will be able to read these disk. Older versions (for the K2000 and K2500) do not support ISO-9660, but if you use your computer to copy the files from the CDROM to a DOS formatted disk, you will be able to read them.

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