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Routing Programs to the Individual Analog Outputs (K2500 no KDFX)


I do not have KDFX installed.  How do I route programs/tracks to different outputs?


Lets take a moment to talk about the audio outs. You will see there are ten 1/4" unbalanced TS outputs. These are configured as pairs labeled Mix, A, B, C, & D. It is important to understand that even though there are ten jacks, there are only 8 routable outs.

You can route the Outputs in one of two places:

  1. You can do it on a per layer basis in a program on the OUTPUT page in the Program editor.
  2. You can do it on a per MIDI channel basis using the OutPair override parameter on the MIDI Channels page (this option overrides the above setting).

When you route a signal, you choose the A, B, C, or D pairs and the appropriate panning position. But all audio signals come out of the Mix pair, until you physically plug a cable into a separate out. At that point, any signal routed to that out is removed from the Mix and comes out of that particular out (this behaves much like a normalized patch bay). So if you plug cables into all of the separate outs, there will be no signal coming from the Mix outs. To route something through the standard effects processor in your K2500, you need to set the output to A. But the effects actually only come out of the MIX outs. So if you plug cables into the A outs then, you will not be able to use the effects. For this reason, a typical way users will wire their units is to plug into the MIX, B, C, and D pairs.

Please read about this parameter in the manual for more info. The separate outs can also be used as insert points for external instruments, or to route a 2500 signal to an external effects processor and back into the instrument. For more on this, consult your manual.

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